When are you going to finish your photography website? We know, right, it’s a constant work in progress.

Every day we see dozens of photographers getting crazy inventive with the way they represent themselves and their vision: from the most honest bios to case study pages, forms, videos, layouts and typography.

We actually started to collect bits and pieces of the ones we really loved, but then thought, why not share it for everyone and highlight the outstanding creatives behind them?

We’ll be posting a tiny idea from the best photographers out there every now and then, as we truly believe inspiration is something to share.

Follow Bits at bits.rawsie.co. Oh, and if you’d love to get this wrapped up to your mailbox, just sign up, we’ll be sharing collections every month. And one more thing. If you know a great website we should check out, don’t hesitate to submit it.


Boris and Eugenia.